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QEC Project launches its website to accelerate end-to-end quantum computing solutions

Innovate UK’s Industrial Strategy Challenge-funded Quantum Error Correction (QEC) Project is a consortium developing an error-corrected quantum computer for commercial applications. QEC Project has launched the website to promote and communicate the consortium’s activities and operations.

This consortium intends to overcome today’s noisy-intermediate quantum computer’s challenge to deliver commercially relevant computation advantage. The consortium is building a user-oriented quantum computing ecosystem with commercial applications in Computational Fluid Dynamics (CFD) simulations. Eleven partners are collaborating in this consortium to solve three technical challenges in building scalable quantum computers which include:

  • Scaling current quantum computers to millions of high-quality qubits

  • Developing hardware-software solutions capable of implementing highly efficient error-correction protocols.

  • Translating an error corrected quantum computing solution into real commercial benefits.

To know more, navigate to the individual pages highlighting the progress in each of the technical challenges.

Led by Universal Quantum (UQ) and supported by the Science and Technology Facilities Council (STFC) Hartree Centre, leading industry and academic research institutions have joined the QEC Project consortium. Check out the Partners page to find more details about the partners and their roles in the consortium briefly discussed below:

  • QEC Project is using UQ’s unique approach based on trapped-ion technology to build the scalable quantum computing hardware.

  • Riverlane is developing quantum software solutions through the co-design of a modular quantum computer prototype (iQPU), in collaboration with UQ, enabling better error correction.

  • Rolls-Royce is developing commercial application tools for the execution of Computational Fluid Dynamics (CFD) simulations that provides foundation for quantum advantage in aerospace industry.

  • Edwards, TMD Technologies, and Diamond Microwave ensure to provide a fully functioning platform for QEC Quantum Computer.

  • The academic research group at Imperial College London and the University of Sussex will contribute to the design of quantum error correction techniques to be developed with other project partners.

  • Commercialisation partners Sia Partners and QURECA will exploit and disseminate the QEC Project results and capabilities of partnerships within the consortium.

All the latest updates regarding the consortium activities such as the progress of consortium’ members, conferences or event participation or blogs can be found in the Latest News section. This area will be developed further in the coming months as more resources are added.

In addition to the website, social media webpages on LinkedIn and Twitter will act as key marketing tools in both attracting new end-users and updating the consortium’s activities and services.

For any queries related to the QEC project and its services, make a submission through the contact form or send us an email at



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