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Diamond Microwave

Diamond Microwave Ltd (DML) is a micro SME working on compact, microwave solid-state amplifiers and technology suited for power (SSPA) and broadband applications. The DML engineering team has broad ranging research, design, development, and manufacturing experience in the microwave field from 2.0GHz to 140GHz. The company offers a bespoke design service, working closely with its clients to tailor performance and interfaces to suit challenging microwave requirements. DML is based in Saltaire, Bradford, UK.

DML is working with the QEC Project team, to define, develop and provide a low-noise microwave module to amplify suitably modulated microwave signals for distribution to the quantum devices in the demonstrator system. It is intended that these amplifiers would be scalable for future quantum computing hardware.

Diamond Microwave
Contact person:
Richard Lang
Director, Diamond Microwave
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