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Universal Quantum

Universal Quantum is leading The QEC Project and developing the quantum computing hardware. Its scalable approach to building quantum computers overcomes the major barriers to large-scale quantum computing.

The company's unique quantum computing modules use ultra-fast electric field connections that are orders of magnitude faster and rely on much simpler engineering than other designs. Instead of complex laser-based technology, their machine processes quantum information by applying voltages to a microchip analogous to a classical transistor. Plus, this unique design does not require cooling to near absolute zero.

The company's wider ambition is to build the world’s first million qubit quantum computer to unlock the full potential of quantum computing and change the world for the better.

Based near Brighton in the UK, Universal Quantum is backed by top VCs, has 15+ years of quantum computing experience and is a proud member of the Tech Talent Charter.

Universal Quantum
Contact person:
Louise Aherne
Program Manager, Universal Quantum
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